Stowable Loading Ramps Make the 2017 F-150 That Much More Convenient

Sometimes, the job calls for hauling an exceptionally bulky or heavy object. Rocks, furniture, bulky tools, and more can be a real challenge to hoist from the ground into your pickup bed. Luckily, Ford has developed the 2017 F-150 to help you work smart instead of hard through stowable loading ramps.

Loading ramps can save both your energy and your back when you're moving heavy objects into your truck. Rather than simply lifting the object, you can gradually move it up an incline.

The 2017 F-150 comes with optional loading ramps than can stow into the side of its bed. Attach them to the tailgate to make your job easier. You can attach them at different distances from each other, too, depending on your need. It's one more feature on a list of many that make the F-150 a true working truck.

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