Knowing the Signs of Battery Failure is Important

When it comes to a car maintenance, knowing the signs of a failing battery is some of the most important knowledge you can have. If there's no working battery in the vehicle, then it simply will not run.

The short version? Car battery health is very important.

So what can you do? You can know and recognize the signs that your battery might be failing. If there is any sign that a battery may be weak or showing signs of dying, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Signs may include:

  • The engine struggles to turn over when you start the car.
  • Your headlights are dimmer than usual.
  • You horn sounds weaker and quiet.
  • The battery case is swollen and smells.

If you suspect your battery is on its last legs, swing by Encinitas Ford in Encinitas, CA. Our service center has the staff and expertise to diagnose your issue and make sure you're driving with a working battery.

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