How to Find Booster Seats With the Best Bet of Fitting Your Child Correctly

Unlike car seats designed for infants, boosters are not always a huge expense. That's because unlike front- and rear-facing child seats, which have their own harness systems and must fully support a child's weight in a crash, a booster cushion only has one job: lift your child up a little bit so the seat belts fit them correctly.

Still, before you spend money on one, you want to know if it will actually do the job for which it is advertised.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests booster seats to see if they result in a good belt fit on most average-size children age 4 to 8. Booster seats that almost always create a proper seat belt fit are rated BEST BETs. Ones that do not—and there are several popular brands that do not—are rated as "not recommended."

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