Tire Tread & Pressure - Things You Should Know

Buying new tires when needed is always a good idea; however, it doesn’t end there. Tire maintenance is important for your vehicle and your tires. Whether the tire is underinflated or overinflated, it can become a problem if it’s not corrected. Our Encinitas service center can check your tires and quickly make sure they’re in tiptop shape.

Having the correct tire pressure and tire tread can make a big difference in not only how smooth your car drives but also in the gas mileage you get. It can also add life to your tires and prevent you from having to replace your tires prematurely.

Even if you perform the famous “penny trick”, you may be missing minor issues within the threads. Our technicians are trained to spot potential tire problems before they become your problems. Come visit Encinitas Ford or call for an appointment.

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