Is a 3,000-Mile Oil Change a Myth or a Necessity?

There are some vehicle manufacturers who recommend changing engine oil only every 15,000 miles. The frequency at which to change oil depends on the vehicle and manufacture’s recommendations. For the most part, the biggest advocates of engine oil changes are those who stand to profit most by it. This could be quick-lube chains, various repair facilities, and some vehicle dealers. The truth is engine materials have improved greatly, as well as the chemical makeup of oil. Today, the average mileage recommendation for an oil change is 7,500 miles.

However, it’s only normal for you to change engine oil more often if driving in severe conditions. Such conditions may include harsh weather, frequent towing, extensive city traffic, or those short daily or weekly shopping trips. These are likely the trips where engines are not allowed to reach their full operating temperature.

Bring your vehicle down to Encinitas Ford if you’re not sure when the oil needs changing. We know its manufacturer’s recommendations and can have you out in no time.
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