When to Slow Down and Move Over as a Responsible Driver

Car owners should all know that they are legally required to obey Move Over laws. There are 200 roadside workers each year that will lose their lives during work, according to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, and safety and protection are extremely important. There are more than 150 United States law enforcement officers who have been killed since the year 1987 from being hit by vehicles alongside the thruways which have been reported by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.

To prevent further tragic deaths, the "Move Over" laws are put firmly into place and are supported by the National Safety Commission. Paying attention to emergency vehicles, changing lanes, and moving over are all part of the job of getting out of the way for oncoming legal traffic. Do not wait to move, and be sure to slow down and stay alert at all times. You should always be mindful and pay attention to roadside signs and vehicles.


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