Ford Taurus: Finest Handling For A Sedan

This year, Ford Taurus has done it again when it comes to performance. This full-size sedan will fool you into making you think it is a sports car. It handles the curves with top-notch technology features and advanced all-wheel drive. Let’s take a look.

Advanced features such as torque vectoring and curve control distribute power differentially, and apply the brakes to the front inside wheel. This allows more the power to go to the outside wheel, keeping you on the road. Advanced all-wheel-drive senses the torque between the front and rear wheels. You won’t even notice, because it does this before slipping even occurs. It does this all in the background, and you will not even notice anything but a smooth ride.

Encinitas Ford has the right Ford Taurus to suit your needs, so stop by and take one for a test drive.

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