SYNC 3 & FordPass Technology Are Changing The Game

Ford is stepping up to the technology plate in a huge way with the available SYNC 3 technologies on its models. Enabling for a new level of interfacing with your vehicle, SYNC 3 and SYNC Connect with FordPass allows for a secure connection to your smartphone or compatible device to provide drivers with a new level of technology.

Enhanced voice recognition technology enables drivers to keep their eyes focused on the road and their hands on the wheel. Change your Sirius XM satellite radio station or call for emergency 911 services all hands-free.

Track your vehicle's location, lock or unlock doors, examine fuel status, schedule specific times to remote start your vehicle or push-button remote start are all available options with FordPass and SYNC Connect.

The range of features available with SYNC technology will revolutionize your driving experience, come on over to Encinitas Ford today and see them all for yourself.
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