Consider All Your Options Prior to a Lease-End

When you chose a vehicle lease agreement, rather than a purchase agreement, were you aware of your intentions for the lease-end? Perhaps you don't even recall your options. Well, we can help you with refreshing the options available.

A lease agreement provides an option of simply returning the vehicle to the dealership and having no further financial obligation. An appointment is needed, and an evaluation of the overall condition will be completed. If you've moved from Encinitas since signing your contract, you can make arrangements to return the vehicle to another authorized dealership. Perhaps you've become attached to the vehicle and want to purchase it. With a new contract, paying new taxes and other fees, you can successfully achieve this. The other option is to lease or purchase a new vehicle.

Prior to making your final lease-end decision, stop by Encinitas Ford and take a test drive of any vehicle in our inventory!



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